Project Engineering & Reporting

There are several important details for developers for developers to consider before undertaking a solar energy development project or even starting to formulate a solar design.

Of paramount importance are factors such as:

Optimizing The Plant Design Based On Environment & Structural Factors

Maximizing Sunlight Exposure

Minimizing Installation Expenses

Clean Energy Associates

Trusted and Unbiased Engineering Services

Along with our partner Clean Energy Associates, we act as critical owner's engineering support to provide trusted and unbiased engineering services. We ensure construction services are properly scoped, priced, managed, audited, and verified throughout the planning, construction and certification phases.

Additionally, we provide clients with complete solar system production modeling to optimize Levelized Cost of Electricity, system production and construction parameters.

Our Trusted, Unbiased Engineering Services Include:

Owner's Engineering
Module production/manufacturing inspection and audits
Third Party Onsite Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Independent Engineer Reports
Conflict Support System
Commissioning Verification

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