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Aten provides world-class logistics services through our partners across warehousing, site transportation and insurance. We provide both short and long-term warehouse solutions and highly competitive transportation rates.


We offer fast, reliable and insured product transportation for our client’s products from high-caliber shipping companies. Should you prefer to arrange your own transportation, we would be delighted to provide you competitive quotations for market comparison and introduce you directly to our transportation partners.

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Our strategically located warehouses allow for secure storage of your PV modules at competitive market rates. We are able to quickly deliver customer orders due to our advanced inventory management systems and real-time communications with our warehousing partners. We take pride in our long track record of ensuring on-time product deliveries to facilitate the construction of our clients’ solar projects.

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We will help to arrange third party insurance from highly rated agencies to protect against the risk of damage or loss. We will also work to determine the most efficient shipping route combined with the best transportation provider to minimize your costs and maximize your project returns.

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Our Commitment:

We Deliver Flawless Logistics